Primetime 2007 – CBS’s Lineup
  The Big Bang Theory - Meet Leonard and Sheldon. Two smart nerds with one thing in like manner - no karma with sentiment. Then comes Penny in with the general mish-mash. A lovely young lady new off a muddled separation. She will assist these folks with becoming fortunate in adoration, regardless of whether that affection is her own. Featuring Johnny Galecki, Jim Pearsons, and Kaley Cuoco.   Stick - Jimmy Smits is back as the recently enabled top of the Duque family's Sugar Cane and Rum realm. CBS is carrying a completely Latin group to early evening drama with this unique series that glances at the interest, sentiment and abundance in a relentless business that has been around for a really long time.   Kid Nation - another unscripted television show that places a bend in the gnre. Take 40 children and set them up in an abandoned town in New Mexico. Allow them to make their own principles and grant the best youngster every week with a Gold Star. Might the แทงบอล at any point make a superior world that their folks or other adults?   Moonlight - quite a while back, Mick St. John kicked the bucket and was reawakened, a vampire made new by his lady of the hour on their wedding night. Presently he maintains two sources of income, by day being sincerely engaged with a wonderful human, and when the moon rises, managing the undead revulsions that seek after him and compromise his city. As the truism goes, a few things are improved left undead. For Mick St. John, this is quite obvious. Featuring Alex O'Loughlin as Mick.   Viva Laughlin - Executive maker Hugh Jackman from Xmen's wolverine comes to early evening with this series in light of the profoundly fruitful BBC series viva Blackpool. Ripley Holden's long lasting dream is to open a club. Rather than setting up in Reno or Las Vegas, he chooses the sluggish town of Laughlin, Nevada as the site for his Casino. Loaded with vulnerability over pulling in the groups and the actual residents who are not exactly dazzled, Viva Laughlin shows one man's excursion in quest for the American Dream. Featuring Lloyd Owen and Madchen Amick, with DB Woodside and Hugh Jackman making appearance appearances.   CBS's Fall plan   Mondays   8 pm - "How I Met Your Mother"   8:30 p.m. - "The Big Bang Theory" (new)   9 p.m. - "More than two Men"   9:30 p.m. - "Rules of Engagement"   10 p.m. - "CSI: Miami"   Tuesdays   8 p.m. - "NCIS"   9 p.m. - "The Unit"   10 p.m. - "Stick" (new)   Wednesdays   8 p.m. - "Youngster Nation" (new)   9 p.m. - "Criminal Minds"   10 p.m. - "CSI: NY"   Thursdays   8 p.m. - "Survivor: China"   9 p.m. - "CSI"   10 p.m. - "Suddenly"   Fridays   8 p.m. - "Apparition Whisperer"   9 p.m. - "Evening glow" (new)   10 p.m. - "Numb3rs"   Saturdays   8 p.m. - "Crimetime Saturday"   9 p.m. - "Crimetime Saturday"   10 p.m. - "48 Hours Mystery"   Sundays   7 p.m. - "an hour"   8 p.m. - "Viva Laughlin" (new)   9 p.m. - "Cold Case"   10 p.m. - "Shark"

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